Elterma S.A.

Scope of activity

- Production of steel constructions

- Production of industrial halls

- Welding steel constructions

- Pressure casings

- Vacuum casings

- Industrial tanks

- Machining (lubuskie – Świebodzin)


Range of operation

- woj. lubuskie

- Świebodzin

- Zielona Góra

- Gorzów Wlkp.

- Międzyrzecz

- Sulechów

- Sulęcin / Offer / Production of industrial halls

Production of industrial halls

We specialize in designing, production and assembly of steel halls. This type of construction allows reaching wide spans at single-nave buildings and enables to create multi-nave halls at the same time. Steel constructions have relatively low weight and high durability, which allows to save the material, reduce building costs and shorten the time of building and designing. The halls are characterized by wide spans with little number of supports, lightness of the structure and low costs.


The below photo shows series of types of produced halls.